Yoga Schedule

The practice of yoga allows you to connect mind, body and soul and come home to yourself in God on your mat.  In the words of Jesus, “Make your home in me and I’ll make my home in you” (John 15:5).

  • You can expect an all-level vinyasa-style practice which simply means you link one breath to one posture.
  • You will energize the body, soothe the mind & awaken the heart as you connect to Christ in God through prayer, Scripture meditation & music.

Summer 2021

Yoga Book Club (YBC): Share your Stuff, I’ll go first
6 weeks- Mondays (6:45pm)

Starts July 19th
OUTSIDE in Greenwood Village

After a year unprecedented in our time, how are you as the world is opening back up

Do you feel different? Changed? The same? 

We’ve all been through some stuff, so how about taking some space to compassionately listen to your story – in your mind, body and heart – and then share it together? 

Because when we share – we find each other at the center. We experience what it’s like to be known and remember how intimately God knows us while also tapping into the truth that our connectedness is an integral part of our Creator’s plan to heal, sustain and love us to life.

For me, I’ve definitely had some stuff and I imagine you have too… (Click to read what I mean).

Join me at YBC and receive the time you need to listen to yourself and God on your mat and then share our stuff together!

Don’t worry, there will be laughter and lightness as well as safety and depth to hold what’s hard and what hurts. I’ve missed you! If I’ve learned one thing this past season is that we need togetherness.

You can expect:

  • Good questions (that I’ll borrow from her book and LOVED and will weave throughout each yoga class) 
  • Good connection (to yourself and God and His greater story of love written in Scripture)
  • Good conversation (with an optional post-yoga fireside chat to discuss the questions  ~ B.Y.O.D. Bring Your Own Drink…tea, wine, la croix, whatever yummy drink will bring you delight.)


  • 6:45p – 7:30pm Yoga – OUTSIDE!
    • Each class based on a question from her book + time of moving meditation to reflect and listen to yourself and God.
  • 7:30p-8:15p-sh Bookclub – FIRESIDE CHAT!
    • A time of sharing and listening with no need for fixing. Enjoy and receive the gift of having your life seen and  witnessed and give the same gift to others.


$12 Drop-in
Buy all 6 and get one FREE* ($60 total)

*Use promo code: Buy6-1Free at check out

To enter the promo code – select the first date (July 19) on the calendar
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Join us MONDAY evenings OUTSIDE!

7/19- 8/23

Greenwood Village, near Orchard & Yosemite
(Sign up to receive the address!)

In case you’re wondering….

  • Arrive 5 minutes early because we start yoga promptly at 6:45p. Bring a waterbottle & mat (though I have extras) and I encourage you to bring a journal & pen, too!
  • Pick and choose what  you need. Maybe you need yoga or maybe you just need some time to have your story heard and connect with others. You can stay for both parts or just some. This is a space where you have full permission to listen for what you need and then respond to yourself in compassion.
  • Yes, the questions will be based on the book and you can read along if you’d like but NO you don’t have to! I’ll provide the questions at the beginning of the series so you can ponder them at your own pace.
  • You can come for all of the series or some of it – there is NO WAY TO FALL BEHIND! Remember that grace abounds here so come when you can.
  • If you can’t make it in person, still participate by following along by email and receive the weekly question + journal prompts + Scripture  and playlists from me!

I can’t wait to flow and grow with you!


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Are you not so sure you can do yoga? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

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Beginner’s Soul Yoga Program

This Beginner’s Yoga Guide is a downloadable program that allows you to move at your own pace in the comfort of your home!

There are countless benefits to practicing Soul Yoga including: back relief, stress reduction, greater body alignment, flexibility and calmer thoughts.

Soul Yoga classes are also uniquely crafted to support your body while also aligning your heart and soul to God through worship music, Scripture readings and pauses for prayer, so your soul & body are nourished simultaneously.

The Beginner’s Soul Yoga Guide includes:

  • 4 video classes (45 min each) that methodically introduce, teach and guide you through a basic yoga flow. Each class is themed on Scripture and gives you space to connect your heart, soul, mind and strength with God in an experiential way. 
  • A gorgeous manual that answers common questions for beginners like...What is Soul Yoga? Why should I practice? What can I expect? And more!
  • 10 posture breakdowns with photos and written cues to use as a reference while building your practice.
  • Personal guidance and interaction from lead instructor, Devany Bourdo via phone or zoom conferencing.

All for just $49

Click the link below to learn more & purchase:

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About Me

I began practicing yoga nearly 20 years ago as a requirement for my high school dance team. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the combination of stretching, movement and breath. In 2017, I was introduced to Gospel-centered yoga at Soul Fitness’s Legacy of Love Retreat a year after my second child was born. This was a difficult season for me as I struggled with symptoms of weight gain, fatigue and depression due to undiagnosed postpartum hypothyroidism. I found that the practice of Soul yoga increased my energy, uplifted my mood and turned my heart towards the Lord. The integration of movement, breath and Scripture meditation began to heal my body and heart and in 2018 I became a certified 200 hour Holy Yoga Instructor and also completed leadership training.

For the past year I’ve taught Soul Yoga classes in person and online. As a stay-at-home mom, with limited free time, I love how the practice of Soul Yoga provides a workout, time in the Word, meditative prayer, full-body worship and stillness all in one hour. Joyful and fun in nature, I want you to leave class feeling inspired & re-connected with the One who created you.
I love music and work to create meaningful and fun playlists that tie to our Scripture/intention. All levels are welcome! I’d love to have you come and try!

Whether it’s your first time or you are a practiced yogi, I trust the Lord has something in store for you on your mat.

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