Inexhaustible compassion

Last week I hit a wall of weariness, and today I felt the sunshine stream through the window and warm my face. In a season where so many of us feel the darkness of exhaustion, the new morning sun reminds me that God’s compassion is made new for us, each day.

As I was exhausted, I was reminded that God’s compassion is inexhaustible.

I LOVE THIS! As we are exhausted, He is inexhaustible.

And lately this contrast has been a life-line for me, and my prayer is that it will serve your soul too.

In the moments I’m exhausted, His compassion has warmed me. It’s been through the eyes and words of loved ones (like you!), the still small voice of His Spirit within me and the truth of His Word that promises His love doesn’t wear out. Where I feel ashamed or regret the way I’m handling things in this new pandemic space, His grace covers and lightens my soul.  

I was reminded of this truth in Lamentations 3:22 and I’ve been camping out here each morning since. It reads:

22 How enduring is God’s loyal love;
    the Eternal has inexhaustible compassion.
23 Here they are, every morning, new!
    Your faithfulness, God, is as broad as the day. (The Voice)

This may sound more familiar in the ESV:

22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;[a]
    his mercies never come to an end;
23 they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

With the monotony and often tiredness of my days, this verse inspired me to look for the gift of new mercies every morning.

And I want to pause here because mercy has been a hard word for me to fully understand. I know the text-book definition is “receiving what I don’t deserve” and this makes sense to my mind. However, I’m struggling with a a disconnect between my mind and heart. I keep asking, what does it feel like to experience mercy in my heart as I walk around my ordinary days?

And then I found this:

Mercy is defined as “God’s loving-kindness.

Yes! This makes sense because I know what it feels like to experience loving-kindness. I feel God’s loving-kindness everywhere. (I talked about that in last week’s post.)

So, as the forever-nerdy, student that I am, I sat down and began to write a list:

Evidence of God’s loving-kindness:

  • My husband refilling my coffee cup in the morning.
  • Butterflies
  • A surprise flower delivery
  • As I attempt to corral 2 wild-tiny-humans into the car, and feel my anxiety rising, I see my neighbor smile, wave and shout, “Devany you’ve got some great kids.”
  • A back-porch read with a good book
  • The recurring chance to practice and learn forgiveness with my kids. Each time I try on the words, “I’m sorry,” I’m the recipient of large & quick grace from two little hearts. “Thanks mom, I forgive you. Want to play legos!? Want to paint with me!?” I then remember I can love that way too.
  • Facetime and Zoom, even though it wears out my brain, I still get to connect with faces I love.
  • How my daughter believes that I’m Anna and she’s Elsa (That’s Frozen reference, in case you aren’t living with a 3 yo girl, ha!) And that God has gifted us with each other, to forever scale mountains and fight monsters, and remind each other of who we are.
  • My doctor’s office being open, with a full staff, so moms and kids can get help if they need it.
  • Red Robin French fries and a park-date with my man. (Thank you curbside pickup, ranch dressing and a husband who listens well).
As I write, I notice how the practice of noticing broadens my gaze, expands my heart and steadies my feet.

His compassion slowly overshadows my exhaustion, and I begin to see with new eyes.

If you have a few minutes now, I invite you to try this practice with me! See what emerges on your paper and in your heart as you begin to write a “loving-kindness” list.

Where you feel exhausted….

physically because of the work before you and around you,

emotionally because of the roller-coaster of high and low feelings,

or spiritually because your soul feels dry or disconnected,

May His compassion overflow and overcome you.

For His faithfulness is a broad as the day and is all we need, if we will only remember.

May your ordinary day overflow with new mercies that sustain and fill you,


PS –  Could you share your lists here? I believe goodness and love is contagious and a gift we can give each other. I can’t wait to hear what you discover!

2 thoughts on “Inexhaustible compassion

  1. Evidence of God’s loving-kindness:
    -End of the year emails from students saying thank you!
    -My book club group that reminds me to give myself grace
    -Worship music that fills my soul
    -Soul Yoga ‍♀️
    -Long hikes and bike rides
    -Being an auntie again!
    -My kittens
    -Waking up everyday
    -Good health test results

    1. Danielle, thank you for your words! I share so many that are on your list! Your heart is pure gold and you bring so much light into my life. I love Soul Yoga-ing with you and I LOVE “waking up every morning.” This is God’s gift, and one I so easily forget. Your list blesses me!

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