How do I rest?

Unlike what the world tells us – our actions always come with a cost. The world says we can  have it all and be everything to everyone but the reality is our energy is a commodity that can run out.
When we say yes to something it costs us our energy, and we only have so much.

We draw our energy from different buckets…

  • As a mom, caring for my kids costs me my physical and sensory energy.
  • Listening to my friends and responding with empathy costs me emotional and social energy.
  • Making decisions in parenting costs me mental and emotional energy.
  • Being ready to talk with my husband and recap his day after work  takes emotional and social energy.

However, just because it costs me energy doesn’t make the action a bad one.

It’s simply a reality I need to acknowledge. 

If our actions come at a cost, then the purpose of rest must be to restore our depleted energy buckets. And in order to fill something up, we must stop and pour something into it. 

Stopping takes intention. Stopping has purpose. Zoning out, numbing out and escaping seem more like a reaction…more like avoiding

I can’t fill up the buckets if I run right past them.

So what fills up my depleted buckets?  

  • Sitting in quiet restores my depleted and overwhelmed senses and gives me the time to respond to life instead of react.
  • Reading my Bible and reflecting on Scripture re-centers my heart and restores my mind. 
  • Taking a walk outdoors restores my physical body and the silence  gives me energy to show up for my friends. 
  • Taking a deep breath while doing dishes at the sink and saying 2 things I’m grateful for fills my heart. 
  • A quick journaling session where I write down my thoughts and ask the Lord for guidance restores my heart and mind. 
  • Time with girlfriends where we intentionally talk about our lives and where we see God moving energizes and inspires my heart and soul.
  • Date nights with my hubby, where we intentionally focus on each other  in our conversation (doing our best to avoid talking about our kids) refuels my heart and energizes our connection.

When I intentionally re-fuel depleted parts of myself, I replace my frenzied and overwhelmed perspective with a new perspective

Breath, stillness, a quiet heart and listening ears create a space for me to hear the Lord’s voice. The Lord’s perspective is always broader, deeper and more peaceful than mine.

So what is rest? 

Rest is…

intentionally creating space to refill my energy buckets….regularly.

We must choose to pause and set down the “to-do” lists, the projects and our problems. We fill up our buckets with things that bring us delight and allow our souls to exhale.

For me it’s stillness, presence and reflection.  

Rest must be chosen and practiced…daily, weekly, monthly. Yes, practiced.

Rest won’t happen by mistake, though zoning out will!  And we can’t count on a vacation every 2 years to restore all the areas of our lives that have been depleted.

So here’s to the practice of rest. May we name it and choose it regularly. 

I’d love to hear what refills your energy buckets. Let’s share with each other in the comments and learn some new ways to fill our buckets!

6 thoughts on “How do I rest?

  1. Right on Dev! Love your words of wisdom revealing your heart and soul. I learned I need to take quiet escapes for mind and body daily to stay balanced, energized, focused with participation in and appreciation of the precious gifts and moments of life.
    I suspect God must definitely be smiling when we do this! And we are smiling too! Living and loving life!!

    1. Quiet escapes most definitely restore our energy and allow us to hear His still, quiet voice. I love hearing how you find rest!
      It is so true that God delights in us, we must just remember!

  2. Mmmmm, so good Dev.

    I really loved the part about the areas of our lives that draw energy. I have a tendency to ignore this truth-but all of the roles in our lives do require some sort of emotional, social, mental or physical draw. And when I ignore this truth, I tend to not fill my buckets back up until they tip over bone dry and empty.

    Awareness is my first step to action.

    Here’s what fills my bucket:
    walks with my husband and Daisy-dog, having a dart war with Jack, a hike by myself through the backcountry trails, reading my Bible and prayer, nourishing green drinks, an outing with just Brooklyn and I, sharing a meal with Chase, sitting in silence on my back deck listening to the breeze flow through the aspen leaves, fire pit time with the family.

    1. Oh dear friend, such truth in the buckets knocking over, bone dry. I have been there too!

      I want to join you in all the ways your buckets! It delights my heart to see the mixture of joy and play along with stillness and silence. You’ve taught me so much about Sabbath and rest and I’m grateful.

      I have an Aspen tree on my deck. I’m going to steal your idea to sit next to it in the morning ❤️

  3. Love this babe. Thanks for sharing your methods for rest and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your writing!

    I’m grateful for you.

    1. I’m grateful for you too! How do you find rest? I think I have an idea…woodworking, playing Settlers, or one of your other hobbies!? Did I guess right!? Love you.

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