Does God seem hidden right now?

Walks have been my saving grace. This is the path down the hill from my house that I like to escape to when things feel crazy or I’m yearning to connect with God or He feels far away.

Many of you have told me that nature and the outdoors have been your saving grace too in this crazy season.

Something about walking outdoors clears my mind and frees up space in my heart so I can hear from God. It’s not that I hear Him speak directly, (though that would sure be awesome!) But I will notice a Scripture or promise pop into my mind. Or a podcast will pull up and speak directly to my current life situation. Or a song’s lyrics will sing the words I desperately need but can’t seem to find. And sometimes it’s just silent, and that brings me peace because the rest of my world is so very loud. Anyone else have loud kids? 

When God seems distant, hidden or hard to find,

I find a space where I can hear better.

Do you find yourself doing that?

This week I was reminded that God’s hiddenness is not a punishment or Him playing games with me. But instead, there is purpose in seasons of hiddenness.

In the Gospel of Luke, we see the disciples afraid and worried when they can’t find Jesus after His crucifixion. His body was actually missing from the tomb where they had placed Him.
Talk about hidden. I’m always so grateful for the humanness of the disciples. They remind us that we aren’t the first to worry or be afraid when God seems to be missing.

Two of His disciples decided to escape the chaos of Jerusalem and head to the hills. (They didn’t have the luxury of the Colorado mountains;) They started walking down a country path that led to the small town of Emmaus.  They were distraught as they discussed all that had happened surrounding the prophesy, death and disappearance of Jesus.

Scripture tells us that as they were talking, “Jesus himself came near and went with them, but their eyes were kept from recognizing him.”  (Luke 24:15)

Jesus kept His identity hidden from them.

“Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them the things about himself in all the scriptures” (Luke 24:27).

Could it be that Jesus remained hidden on purpose? 

Could it be He wanted to be near to the disciples but knew the glory of His presence would overwhelm them?

In remaining hidden he could speak to their minds. He could have an intimate conversation with them where they listened without distraction.

In the space of hiddenness, Jesus had access to their minds. He renewed their thinking.

Today, I want to hold space for those of us who may feel that God is hidden. Maybe you feel spiritually dry or God feels distant?

What if instead of resisting, we were to relax into this space?

What if we were to trust that He wants to renew our minds and enjoy the truth He is ready to reveal?

In the words of Graham Cooke,

Manifestation is us longing for God.” “Hiddenness is God longing for us.”

As you find yourself walking or creating space to listen, I want to offer you a simple prayer:

May God open the ears of your heart and mind.

May He remind you that Christ is alive and well and near on the path where you walk.

May you have the courage to offer God whatever ounce of trust you have…. because He is a God of multiplication.

May He renew your mind and transform your thinking.

May you feel His longing to draw near.


Blessings of hiddenness,


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