Amid the storm, we remember…

Here we are, another Wednesday. How does this week find you? I’ve found that my days are blurring together with each day looking like the one before. And yet in the span of one day, everything can change.  Whether that means an announcement from work, or the media, or the government and suddenly our lives turn to face a new direction.

It’s almost like we are on a slow-moving roller coaster that can take a sharp twist at any moment.

My prayer is that we each remember that we are not alone on this strange and  jolting roller coaster. Last Sunday in my Zoom Yoga class (PS – thank you for trying something new with me!)  I shared the story of Jesus in the boat with His disciples in Matthew, chapter 8.

In the raging storm, Jesus slept while the disciples panicked.

Perhaps if we remember that Jesus is sitting next to us, as we ride along,  we too can enter into the rest and stillness only He can provide.

I pray you are encouraged by the truth that Jesus is with youright next to you.

And as we believe His promises and give Him our faith…He gives us peace in return.

On this wild ride, I’ve found it’s hard to give Him my faith at times. My faith feels weak and trust feels hard. But  I was encouraged by the words of Lysa Terkeurst:

“Weak moments don’t make weak faith.
Weak moments make us even more aware of our need

to press in to faith.
A faith in God that helps us know
that what we see
isn’t all there is.”
(p. 128)
May our faith rise up, above the waves, because we trust Jesus can see what we cannot. We see waves and He finds peace. 

Jesus draw near,

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